”Villar Manuelas’s children” – Interactive installation. Eva Koch (2004)

“Villar” was an interactive installation and DVD-production by Eva Koch, for which I developed the concept. The project emerged from a story very close to Eva Koch. Because Manuela was Eva’s mother and she was one of the many Spanish children separated from their parents during the Spanish Civil War. Manuela was adopted from an orphanage and came to Sweden. All her childhood and youth she had no idea what had happened to her family – and her child, Eva, grew up without knowing her grandparents, until the day they made contact with the town Villar. The reunion with the family was portrayed by Eva Koch in a documentary that was also released on DVD. But it also became an installation at the National Gallery of Denmark. I helped develop the concept of the interactive part which was based on sensors detecting people’s movements in the room and letting the room react to the movement patterns and the number of people in the room. Physically it revolved around projections on four large screens and a number of sensors. The installation became a permanent exhibit for a long while at the National Gallery and has since toured.