Total Overdose

“Total Overdose” – Video game. Deadline Games (2005)

“Total Overdose” was in many ways a very traditional action game, but it had a fun way of playing with the story. The player is, as always, the protagonist in the first level, but after finishing the level, it turns out the entire session is told by someone – and that it is all a flashback. After that, you play the narrating person – again in a flashback – until you get so far into the game that you “catch up”. In other words, you are playing “now”, but the story already happened. That paradox has probably made several game experts want to pull their own hair out, but for me it was a fun way of playing with the story.
“Total Overdose” was Deadline Games’ first major commercial venture. I only contributed with the concept development at the start of the process; made some synopses and level drafts. But it gave me unimaginable credit with my teenage kid.