“Theremin” – Play. Hotel Pro Forma. (2004)

In 2004, I began my collaboration with Kirsten Delholm at Hotel Pro Forma where I wrote the text for the play about “Theremin”. The play tells the story of Leon Theremin’s life through a number of monologues given by different women in his life; his mother, his sister, his wives, but also the other women he met throughout his dramatic life, which led him from the Russian revolution to fame in New York and deportation to Siberia, undercover work for the KGB and later rehabilitation, ultimately gaining respect for a whole life’s work with the most incredible inventions, of which the instrument Theremin was his darling. An amazing story which I put into words that were performed by Sarah Boberg. At the performances of “Theremin”, Lydia Kavina, Leon Theremin’s biological niece, made guest appearances. She showed up in the audience for one of our first performances and saw how she was portrayed through my text. This made me rather nervous – but she liked the result and offered to play the Theremin at the end of each performance. That was how we got the world’s best Theremin player to join us.