“SENSES” – Exhibition (and a little story). Experimentarium (2010)

“SENSES” was an exhibit at Experimentarium which focused on children’s own senses, but also how senses can work differently. The senses give us the opportunity to understand and experience the world, but how would the world actually seem if you could see like a bee, hear like a mouse and smell like a dog? Student material was produced to go alongside with the experiences at the exhibit, be part of the teaching and take its point of departure in storytelling. The material was built around a story called “The Emperor Who Believed his own Eyes”, the exhibit itself and a number of letters between various animals and the students. The story is about a very choleric emperor, who only believes what he himself can sense and gets into a conflict will all the animals in the kingdom. The problems arise when the dog can smell that a bone is buried in the castle garden. The emperor can’t smell it – and when the dog insists, the emperor has its snout cut off… And then all hell is loose.