Jewels; rings where words are put into a jewelry piece instead of stones. The piece only reveals its secret when scanned with a smartphone.

The publisher Chokoladefabrikken not only wanted to sell short stories, but poetry as well. So we sat down and started working on a list of previously untried ways to sell poems. This resulted in several good ideas, the first of which we made a go at in June.
It became the project “Jewels”.
The jewelry piece is a ring built around a QR-code. When the ring is scanned, one of my poems appears on the phone, accompanied by a piece of music composed by Jesper Siberg.
We chose to collaborate with Gitte Helle who owns the store “Containerjuvelen”. Gitte Helle did a collection consisting of 10 rings that matched 10 of my poems – and 10 pieces of music.
The entire collection was presented on July 21st in the rooms of “Containerjuvelen” and was accompanied by music and reading.
Half of the collection was sold within an hour, and the response has been so great that we are considering producing more rings.
In connection with the launch of the rings, Jesper Siberg produced an album, while I published a small poetry collection.