The Shattered Eye of Darkness

”Mørkets splintrede øje” (“The Shattered Eye of Darkness”)– Cassette and poetry. Irmgards. (1981)

”Mørkets splintrede øje” marked my first publication as a poet. It was put together by poems that mainly took their point of departure in the squatter environment and how it was experienced. The oldest one was the opening poem “We Build a Castle” that fitted the title of “battle poem” well. I read it out loud for the first time at a town council meeting, where the topic was squat houses – and I actually managed to read the whole poem before I was dragged out by the town hall guards. It was sort of a one-man demonstration, only witnessed by the local politicians. Since then it was frequently read at demonstrations. Another of the old poems was “Generations” that was characterized by its use of repetitions; in the first stanza, “We became a generation” was repeated 10 times, with a new sentence once in a while. In the second stanza, “Only brought up to war” was repeated etc. In the end, all the repeated sentences were put together in a little separate poem that tied the whole thing together.
Musically, Jesper Siberg was behind it, but also featured Michael Rasmussen as guest musician on two tracks. Michael normally played in “Before” (and later he became drummer in “Sandmen”). And Egon Weidekamp involuntarily supplied the vocals for the beginning of “We Build a Castle”, where he was sampled and used as intro.
The reception of the release was pretty overwhelming. Great articles with pictures in Aktuelt, Information, Ekstra Bladet, Land og Folk and Weekendavisen. Then all the magazines followed; Blitz, Staccato, Samvirke, the unions’ publications and all the local papers. Especially Information went all out with a whole spread and a photo on the cover. It all came roaring a week after the release. I did not quite understand what nerve I had hit. But it was pretty overwhelming, going from being a suburban kid of working class parents that no one really paid any attention to, to being contacted by journalists from all over the country, all while living in my 12 square meter back room in Nansensgade. In the time following, Jesper and I started travelling around Denmark with a microphone and Jesper’s synthesizer to read in everything from libraries and schools to festivals and prisons. Very intense days.