The Doggone Dognapping

“The Doggone Dognapping” – Video Game. Savannah (1998)

“The Doggone Dognapping” was the second in the series of big children’s games from Savannah. And the expectations were great after the very good reviews of the debut: “The Mystery of the Missing Boy”. This time the story was about Uncle Bellini returning from the large magician’s congress, where a reward was promised to the person who can conjure the strangest animal. And as soon as Dennis’ mother is out the door, the evil magician starts conducting magical experiments on the whole garden and all its animals. He brings two living skeletons with him, who helps him collect animals and turn them into strange creatures. One of the victims is the girl mouse Don is in love with and even Herman is captured and returned as an enchanted Frankendog. With help from Sue the Fly and Don Mouse, Dennis will have to do something - even with his leg in a cast.
A lot of work was put into the script. The script forked more, the lines were fresher and there was a lot of focus on making the garden appear different based on what was going on. The items you were supposed to find moved from time to time, a lot of work was put into the perspectives and the songs. But the programming was a catastrophe. The lead programmer had promised more than he could deliver and left us halfway through with an impending deadline hanging over our heads – and we knew the people who took over the job were pressured. In the end, the programming was finished at twice the price and half the quality.
We tried to get permission to hold back the game until it was fixed, but nothing could be done – it had to be released on time. Content-wise the game was better than its predecessor, but the programming was a mess. We managed to adjust the programming for the second edition. But still a lot of people were disappointed, so the story never quite got the place it deserved.