The Cosmic Cheese Conspiracy

”The Cosmic Cheese Conspiracy” - Video game. Savannah. (2000)

”The Cosmic Cheese Conspiracy” was the last of the bigger games from Savannah. This time, the script was written far more collectively than was the case with the three previous games. But I was the main writer along with Karsten Madsen. We had decided to send all the characters into space this time. In short, Uncle Bellini has magically created a worm that eats EVERYTHING its sees, but lets everything come out the other end in the shape of cheese. The worm is initially just supposed to fill Bellini’s fridge with cheese, but when the intergalactic merchant Qaz tricks Bellini into giving him a worm by selling him a planet super cheap (“my very own planet!”), the trouble starts. Because Qaz plans to release the worms on Earth and thereby turn the planet into one big cheese which he can sell from to the rest of the universe. As usual, the grown-ups will not do anything about this kind of thing – they don’t even believe the story. So once more, Dennis and the animals have to sort things out – and in this case, save the Earth.