Bellini's Bikini

”Bellini’s Bikini” – Video game. Savannah (1999)

”Bellini’s Bikini” was the third of the big Savannah games. This time the story plays out in Holidonia, where the family has gone on vacation. However, Uncle Bellini has a hidden agenda; he has come there to look for a magical spell that will turn him into the world’s greatest magician.
The only thing he needs is purple fabric – and the only thing at hand is mom’s bikini, which will be bravely fought over as the game progresses. It does not make things easier that Holidonia turns out to be a zombie island. Here we meet the deaf werewolf (the Whawolf), the spider with arachnophobia, the restaurant where the ingredients mainly consist of dogs (you can order fidocinni and hotdogs) and finally the hotel that is managed by a vampire. As usual, the grownups notice nothing, but Dennis and the animals are in for a dramatic vacation.
The game had some of the franchise’s sweetest songs – and some pretty good mini-games along the way. Dramaturgically it was linear at first, shifting between the story and some mini-games and about halfway through a more open structure presented itself. The game got a better reception than its predecessor, mainly because it was programmed far better, but there were a lot of reactions to the game’s tone and disgusting, gory humor and some international scenes reacted to the cover showing Uncle Bellini wearing only mom’s purple thong bikini along with some terrified children and animals.
Like the predecessor, it was translated into several languages.