Between 2000 and 2009 I started, alongside my creative work, a very extensive teaching- and lecturing business. I stayed for longer spans in several places, such as at ITU in Copenhagen, Dramatiska Instituttet in Stockholm, La Fernis in Paris, The Academy of Converging Media in Berlin and COFAC in Lisbon. Many of the courses resulted in articles and anthology publications, which in turn led to more jobs. But all the while, my multimedia work continued. At Savannah, this resulted in another big game production and five smaller game publications, as well as a children’s novel that, to everyone’s surprise, ended up on the bestseller list. And when Savannah closed, I continued the collaboration with Per Rosendahl at his new companies Guppyworks and Kongo Interactive.
But after the millennium, more experiments kept arising as a result of my game experiences. There was especially a demand for projects combining classical storytelling with new technology. This meant a long line of very different projects, such as a collaboration with DR on an interactive radio drama, but also interactive installations like Eva Koch’s exhibit at the National Gallery of Denmark. My experiences with installations developed further, when the site-specific technology really came into play. Most notably with the project “Ego-Trap” for Experimentarium which was a merging of interactive storytelling, role-playing and site-specific technology. The collaboration with Experimentarium continued since then with a long line of projects stretching from exhibits and teaching materials to regular video games (I have only included one on this site.) But the greatest artistic challenge was probably met through my work with Kirsten Delholm at Hotel Pro Forma, which set me off writing drama. Oh right – I also made time for a little rock journalism.